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Choose a Microgreen  Program

Sunflower, Kohlrabi, crimson clover, radish, red frill mustard, turnip, brasica blend, red daikon radish, red cabage, bean, lentil mix, peas

  • Microgreen Sample

    request your free microgreen sample!
    Free Plan
    • get a fresh sample to try out our new microgreens
  • Weekly microgreens

    Every week
    get fresh microgreens in your kitchen every week
    Valid for 12 weeks
    • try different microgreens every week
    • flexible pick up times / delivery arrangements
    • recyclable containers
  • Monthly Microgreens

    Every month
    Get a selection of microgreens every month
    Valid for 6 months
    • get a fresh selection of microgreens every month
    • try different grains every time
    • return your used trays
    • flexible pick up times

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